Swim Lessons

Toddler Adventures (6mo-3yrs)

Parents get in the water with their children and learn games, songs and have lots of fun. There is a focus on readiness for Level 1.

Level 1 (ages 5+)

Help students feel comfortable and enjoy the water. They will learn to float on their back with support, entry and exit, supported kick on front, and personal safety.

Level 2 (ages 5+)

(Prerequisite: Completion of level 1)

Give students success with fundamental skills. Float without support, recover to vertical position, flutter kick on front and back, finning on back, back crawl, combined front stroke 5 meters, and personal safety.

Level 3 (ages 5+)

(Prerequisite: Completion of level 2)

To further build on level 2 skills. Coordinated front crawl 10 yards, elementary backstroke, coordinated back crawl 10 yards, change directions, tread water, and personal safety.

Level 4 (ages 6+)

(Prerequisite: Completion of level 3)

To build confidence in previous learned strokes and increase endurance. Introduce breaststroke and sidestroke, turning on wall, front crawl with rotary breathing, 25 meter front dive.

Level 5 (ages 6+)

(Prerequisite: Completion of level 4)

Coordination and refinement of strokes. Introduce butterfly, open turns, feet first surface dive, freestyle 50 meters, backstroke 50 meters, elementary backstroke 25 meters, sidestroke and breaststroke 10 meters each under water.

Level 6 (ages 6+)

(Prerequisite: Completion of level 5)

Enhance strokes so students can swim with ease, efficiency over a greater distance. Diving, turns for breaststroke, sidestroke, flip turns for front crawl, longer distances for previous learned strokes.

Adult Beginner (ages 16+)

Designed for teens and adults who wish to improve their knowledge and skill for many reasons. It may be to overcome their fear of the water and to learn the basic skills and achieve a minimum level of water competency to improve their skill and technique either to increase their level of safety to improve their health and fitness or to perhaps compete in triathlons or to join a master’s team.


Private Swim Lessons

If you're interested in Private Swim Lessons please call 541-616-1050 to be placed on the waiting list.


Group Swim Lessons


Includes 8 Lessons.

Private Lessons


Includes 5 Lessons.

Semi-Private ( 2 Students)


Includes 5 Lessons.

Semi-Private ( 3 Students)


Includes 5 Lessons.